Things Die. People Die. That's Life.
The blog has died. It has and likely won't return to Tumblr.

Due to the amount of hate and dislike towards this blog, I've decided to shut it down indefinitely and leave it as that. The amount of labelling, misleading, and falsfied information spread about myself and this blog, it has ruined all credibility that I have and made me feel unwelcomed in this tag. I have said vile things in the past and I feel bad for saying it; however, some people can't let it go and continue to hold a grudge.

I ended up being painted as... Someone that doesn't have intelligence. Someone that can't be changed. Someone that seeks attention. Someone that craves drama. Someone that wastes his life arguing about worthless things. Someone that their opinions are vile and worth nothing. Someone that can't make a single mistake, following the standards of hypocrites and two-faced people. Someone that is white, CIS, and considered to be white-washed trailer-trash. This is some very vile material, but this has all been said about me by various users in public and private.

Yet, this comes from the majority of #Mabinogi that has people who two-faced each other, being full-blown hypocrites, and completely lying out of their ass. People that has chased people out for having an opinion or being questionably stupid. People that tries to sugarcoat things, shove it under the rug, and avoid talking about it. People that can't seem to let mistakes go and actually try to "forgive and forget."

So, why should I stay with a community that has treated people like shit, stab others in the back, being raging hypocrites, believe one-sided stories, and harshly bash the outcasts of the tag for making a simple mistake? I don't know, but I guess I'm insane for staying two years, putting up with the shit, and being treated like a peasant.